Solutions, Not Soundbites.

As our Congressman, Nathan Magsig is focused on delivering solutions for the communities across Central California. Here's his vision for the 5th Congressional District.

Fighting for local control and bringing Washington to you.

As your Congressman, Nathan will be a constant presence in the 5th District, not Washington, listening to the people who are affected most by Washington decisions – YOU.

Protecting our Water Resources

With drought raging in California, Nathan will work to eliminate the dangerous regulations that stop the flow of water resources from our mountain communities to the Valley’s farms and communities.

He’s a strong supporter of extending the WIIN Act, a critical piece of legislation that has helped improve water infrastructure and eliminated burdensome regulation that has choked off the Valley’s water supply.

We deserve leadership that anticipates problems.

As a local leader, Nathan helped spearhead the construction of a groundwater recharge plant in Fresno County that saved water resources for countless Valley farms and hundreds of thousands of local residents.

A Fighter for Forest Management

As a member of the Fresno County Supervisors representing the Sierra foothills, Nathan saw firsthand the devastation of decades of poor decisionmaking and restrictions on managing our forests. 

In 2020, he helped lead rescue and outreach efforts for residents trapped during California’s then-worst wildfire, the Creek Fire.

Since then, he’s been an ardent advocate for responsible forest management practices on Federal and state forest lands and bringing an end to dangerous, frivolous lawsuits aiming to keep the Sierra Nevadas a tinderbox.

In Congress, he’ll fight to make it easier for the U.S. Forest Service to responsibly manage their forests and ensure that residents who have lost their homes in wildfires are not perpetually punished by overpriced insurance premiums.

A Helping Hand for Law Enforcement

No matter where you live, it’s hard to escape California’s twin crises of rising crime and homelessness.

Both are pushing our local law enforcement officials to the edge, burning out hardworking cops and firefighters in the process.

As our Congressman, Nathan will work to ensure they have the tools they need to combat violent and brazen property crimes and stop California’s get-out-of-jail-free policies.

He’ll also ensure our local communities have the financial resources to get homeless residents off the streets and into treatment or toward services.

Expanding Central California's Healthcare Capacity

COVID-19 pushed hospitals, doctors, and nurses in the Sierra foothills and in the San Joaquin Valley to the brink.

It exposed what we’ve all known for too long: we need more medical personnel to keep our communities healthy and thriving, regardless of pandemic circumstances.

As our Congressman, Nathan will fight for funding to launch a medical school at UC Merced with an emphasis in developing homegrown doctors that will graduate and serve communities from El Dorado Hills to Fresno.